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"Saint Blaise's Mass" by Klapa Kaše is published on Geenger Records!

Updated: Mar 12

New album of Klapa Kaše is mastered by V E R S I Ø N 1 2.

Klapa Kaše was established in early 2007. in Dubrovnik, aiming to follow the Dubrovnik ancient singing tradition and highlight the specific musical idiom of the area. The klapa (local term for a Dalmatian a cappella group) was named after the Kaše breakwater located in front of the Old City port, aspiring to be a kind of a symbolical guardian of part-singing in the Dubrovnik area.

Although a relatively young ensemble, Klapa Kaše is one of Croatia's most frequently awarded vocal groups in recent years. New album "Saint Blaise's Mass" is released on January 22, 2021. for the Geenger Records. Check the new album on the official page!

Klapa Kaše is named after a breakwater Kaše, located in front of the old town port, and symbolizes klapa as a breakwater of polyphonic singing of Dubrovnik region.

They performed on numerous festivals in Croatia and abroad, where they have been winning awards regulary, of which it's enough to mention three victories at the most prestigious klapa festival in Omiš, 2012., 2014. & 2018. They have previously released 3 albums: "Rego" (2013.), "Tragom Republike" (2014.) & "Tezoro" (2019.)


Luka Šerić - I. tenor

Marijo Anđelić - II. tenor

Antonio Dragojević - II. tenor

Alen Roki - baritone

Marko Palčok - bariton

Vicko Dragojević - bass

Ante Džamarija - bass

Composer: Vicko Dragojević

Lyrics: Božo Vodopija (1., 8. i 9.), liturgical (2.,3.,4.,5.,6.,7.)

Recording & editing: Šime Lukšić

Mastering: Žarko Dragojević // V E R S I O N 1 2

Music producer: Vicko Dragojević

Graphic design: Nora Mojaš & Made Milićević (Linear Studio)

A & R // Geenger Records: Danijel Sikora

Album is sponsored by: Croatian Composers' Society

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