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New album, “Kvamb” by Izae, out 29/11/19

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

8th album of the cult underground collective Izae was produced by V E R S I Ø N 1 2 in the Studio Apartment, Dubrovnik.

Izae music collective has been recognized on the cultural and artistic scene since 2005 and has released a total of 8 albums in the past, which have gained cult status in the underground circles of the Republic of Croatia and the region. With their rare stage appearances and performances, they kept the dose of mysticism and only occasionally they play live concerts.

“The entire album was produced as part of the annual program of the Audiovisual Centre Dubrovnik and supported by the Cultural and Heritage Board of the City of Dubrovnik. The official release date is November 29, 2019, and you can already place an order for a digital edition on this link!"

They are about to release a new album called "Kvamb" for Geenger Records, which inherited the previous release of "Snivatelj Snima" (2016, Noisy Night). Izae often creates and performs with a number of colleagues and friends, and today they cheered listeners by releasing two new songs. For the single "Kristalna Leptirica" animated teaser has been created and you can watch it below. The official promotion of the album will be on November 19th at Tvornica Kulture in Zagreb with colleagues Nellcote.

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