Origin:  Dubrovnik, Croatia


Genres: Ambiental, Instrumental, Soundscape


Years Active:  2012 - Present


Label:  Geenger Records

"V E R S I Ø N  1 2 is the solo project of the Dubrovnik based author and producer Zarko Dragojevic. After years and years of composing and producing in the band Embassy 516 and for many other projects, V12 became the state of mind that recreates soundscapes and feelings inspired from all around the world."


- October, 2019 -

Words, sounds, pictures, fragments. Little lights that go on and off to keep a new hope. All the recordings from 2005 to the present are a copy of the world that the author felt from the early childhood. The only logical way to confront and to transmit was in audiovisual format. Many independent and major projects have been produced and realized over last 15 years, but the V12 has become an individual voice that conveys everything that the author cannot express otherwise.



During 2021. Zarko Dragojevic's musical debut, solo album "P R E F I X" will be released - for the first time under the name V E R S I Ø N 1 2. The conceptual album of 12 songs is textually conceived in the Croatian language, but it will communicate internationally with everyone interested.


The album will be available on all digital platforms, but also published with only instrumental version; adapted as a soundtrack for the big screen movies and for modern TV shows.


The music will be accompanied with the illustrations that follow the post-apocalyptic story by designer Nora Mojaš of Linear Studio.


The future brings an unknown story, but this music and pictures communicate just as well in the present.


"P R E F I X" will be released by Geenger Records, with whom V E R S I Ø N 1 2 has been collaborating for years.

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